Exhaust System Photo 2A vehicle’s exhaust system is meant to redirect harmful gas emissions from your car to the air outside where it can then dissipate and become less hazardous. It is also in charge of minimizing exhaust noises to ensure your car is making the least amount of noise possible when driving. There are many aspects to an exhaust system, including a catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, and a manifold. Without any one piece of your system functioning correctly, you’re running a risk of toxic gases being improperly diverted from the inside of your car. Breathing in large quantities of this gas can be very harmful to your health, and in some cases can lead to death. This is why it’s always important to be aware of how your car sounds and runs so that you can notice when there is a problem that needs to be assessed by a Maple Grove exhaust system service.

The Effects Of Time

There are many things that can lead to the wearing down of your exhaust system. These include but are not limited to: your driving habits, vehicle type, and road conditions (such as salt, road spray, and bumps). If you’re driving frequently on bumpy roads or bad weather conditions, you can expect your vehicle’s exhaust system to wear down much faster than if you were driving on a smooth highway. So even though most catalytic converters have an 8 year (or 80,000 mile) lifespan, if you aren’t driving under optimal conditions you can expect that span to decrease greatly. If you’re unsure whether your driving habits or environment could be taking a toll on your vehicle’s exhaust system, be sure to contact your nearest Maple Grove exhaust system service for an assessment of your situation and tips on how to better extend the life of your vehicle’s exhaust system.


Though there are steps you can take to ensure your system’s lifespan meets its full potential, the parts will inevitably begin to break down and need replaced. It is important that you know the signs of your exhaust system breaking down. Such signs include: rattling noises during the start-up, acceleration, or breaking of your vehicle, and possible dizziness or drowsiness while driving. If you experience any of these signs, please immediately come into your nearest Accurate Auto for an evaluation and replacement or repair of your exhaust system. Your vehicle’s operation manual should give you a recommendation for how often you need to have your system serviced according to manufacturer’s standards. However, some cities have their own emission laws and regulations put into place that require you to have more frequent inspections.

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