Transmission & Axle Repair Photo 2The average automatic transmission has around 1,200 parts. There is also the fact that not every transmission is alike because there are approximately 50 different models that have been manufactured. This is why it is important to hire the professionals of Accurate Auto to take care of your transmission, as well as axle repair.

At Accurate Auto, we are an authority in Maple Grove transmission & axle repair. We only hire the best professionals so that the job is done right. You should not have to have your transmission or axle repaired for it to only need repairs again a short time later. Once repairs are completed, you should be on the road for the long-term without worry of transmission or axle failure.

Our Transmission Services

We can use factory remanufactured transmissions or we can rebuild it. No matter what you choose for us to do, we will ensure that the work is up to standard and exceeds your expectations. Our automatic and manual transmission repairs and upgrades services include:

  • Transmission rebuilds
  • Transmission leak repairs
  • Transmission filter and fluid maintenance
  • Worn clutch upgrades and replacement
  • Racing and performance vehicle transmission rebuilds
  • Performance shift kit installation
  • Commercial vehicles

We perform repairs on most foreign and domestic makes and models. Some of the typical transmission issues include clutch wear down, sensor failure, metal fatigue, failure of the transmission solenoid, seal and gasket failure, and metal corrosion. With the proper tools and experience, we are able to address these issues. How do you know there is an issue? You may notice a delay between the time you shift into gear and gear engagement, the transmission may overheat and cause a burnt smell or a stuttering, or the wheel may shake or a grinding sound is heard because there are leaks.

Our Axle Repair Services

You cannot drive with a broken axle and one that is compromised in any way is dangerous. That is why we provide a number of axle repair services so that you can ensure your safety on the road. Those services include:

  • U-joint and Drive shaft replacement
  • Ratio changes to the ring & pinion
  • Rear axle repairs that include the repair of leaks, bad wheel bearings & gear ratio changes
  • Transfer case repairs to 4 Wheel Drive
  • Differentials
  • Commercial vehicles

Many of the axle’s on today’s cars are split axles, which means there is a separate shaft for each wheel. There are some cars that have transaxles, which means the transmission and the axle are combined. If the boot is cracked or damaged, brake fluid can leak. Leaking brake fluid can result in damage to the CV joints. It is our job as a quality Maple Grove transmission & axel repair service to make sure that your axle is in the condition to support the weight of the vehicle and the people within it.

Contact A Maple Grove Transmission & Axle Repair Service

When your transmission is not working right or working at all and/or you need an axle repaired on your vehicle, Accurate Auto has the expertise to address the problem. To learn more about what we can do for you and your vehicle, call us Monday-Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. at 763-391-7512 to schedule a free consultation or fill out our contact form and a friendly employee from our shop will call you to discuss your needs and concerns.

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